Classified advertising is a form of advertising which is sold or distributed free of charge. Advertisements in a newspaper are typically short, as they are charged for by the character/line, and one newspaper column wide.

Publications printing news or other information often have sections of classified advertisements; there are also publications which contain only advertisements. The advertisements are grouped into categories or classes such as “for sale – telephones”, “wanted – kitchen appliances”, and “services – plumbing”, hence the term “classified“.

Classified advertisements are much cheaper than larger display advertisements used by businesses, and are mostly placed by private individuals with single items they wish to sell or buy.

Classifieds Theme  (Classipress) is a powerful, secure, SEO friendly classifieds theme for WordPress with lots of professional features and extra classified website designs.

Includes 20+ extra classifieds designs, unlimited installations, lifetime free support and upgrades!


  • Optimized for Mobile Devices

    Enhanceing your website visitors experience with a mobile friendly, slimed down version of your website for easier viewing.

  • User & Staff Management

    User & Staff Management

    Easily manage your website members and setup staff profiles allowing people to help you run your website.

  • Completely browser based

    Completely browser based

    You can run your website from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, work from home, the office, even the beach!

  • Easy to Customize

    Easy to Customize

    Easily customize your website appearnce using the simple on/off options within the admin area or additional child themes.

  • Thumbnails & Custom Images

    Thumbnails & Custom Images

    Specify your own display images or use the PremiumPress API for website thumbnail generation at no extra cost!

  • Widget & Plugin Support

    Widget & Plugin Support

    WordPress offers 1000’s of plugins allowing you to extend the functionality of your website, our themes support extra plugins.

  • No Encryption! Open source

    No Encryption! Open source

    We provide all theme files 100% open source so you can customize and edit the theme anyway you like or hire people to help you.

  • Order Management & Invoices

    Order Management & Invoices

    Orders can easily been managed using the admin area tools and invoices created for membership packages and products purchased.

  • Easy Website Management

    Easy Website Management

    Our themes integrate directly into the WordPress CMS for easy management and control without losing key WordPress functionality!

  • Unlimited Potential

    Unlimited Potential

    Create as many listings, categories, search options, keywords and tags etc as you like and manage them all via the admin area.

  • Built in Email Manager

    Built in Email Manager

    Customizing your website emails has never been easier, our themes have built in email management tools making the job a piece of cake!

  • SEO Friendly Websites

    SEO Friendly Websites

    All themes are optimized for search engine allowing pages to be indexed by all major search engines + supports other WordPress SEO plugins.

  • Advertising Ready!

    Advertising Ready!

    The admin area has a built in advertising section allowing you to simply copy/paste your banner code use as affiliate or Google adsense.

  • Import and Quick Setup Tools

    Import and Quick Setup Tools

    We have build in CSV import tools allowing you to import listings into your website as well as quick setup tools to get you started!

  • Free/Paid Packages

    Free/Paid Packages

    Using our themes you can setup membership packages and charge website visitors to submit their listings to your website.

  • Multi Language Support

    Multi Language Support

    Our themes comes with a single file which stores the website text in english allowing you to translate your website into any other language.

  • Custom Website Fields

    Custom Website Fields

    Setup your own customized form fields such as twiiter/facebook and give your website a more personal touch with our custom fields feature.

  • Google Analytics and Tracking

    Google Analytics and Tracking

    Built in integration options for Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools for visitor tracking and clicks.

  • Integrated Payment Gateways

    Integrated Payment Gateways

    We have over 20 integrated payment gateways helping you accept orders online including PayPal, 2Checkout, Worldpay, Bank Transfer and more!


Everything you need to create incredible classified websites in minutes!