How small business utilizing websites for their success? A statistics shows that 53% of small businesses with websites said their sites are primarily to provide company credibility. 49% of them use it to generate sales. 38% owners utilizes websites to create their brand awareness. 33% are generating leads. 29% Websites provides a critical building block for developing the products and services they sell.

website-developmentNow a days, websites plays a very important role in any business. A website is an Identity to build trust among your targeted customers. A representative that serve you 24/7 and helps customers to get information about your products, services or your company. All your marketing promotion or sale your website is the base of them all!

Some Small businesses that don’t have website says they don’t have the time, and also thinks it will cost too much or don’t want the rush of orders that comes with being online. But these days website development is very cheap. You can have a normal website developed at $100 (one time cost) then you can maintain it with just paying yearly hosting and domain registration fee. Domain Registration and renew cost $10 to $15 for .com, .net domain name and $6 to $8 per month for website hosting.

There was a revolution in the website’s content management system(CMS). There are many CMS that ease the website development and management. If you have just knowledge to use computer you can easily maintain a website. You can work on it anytime you want. You can write some words about your product or can take a picture or even can make a small video of your product that focus on its features and advantages post it in your website. This will help to build a relationship with your customers and that will lead to boost in sales!

Feel free to let us know if you have any question about website development options. 🙂